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Pictured: Member D.S and Mentor Ana Aguiar at their first Meet & Greet, followed by their first show together!

This month we were able to connect one of our members, D.S., who is incredibly talented in the music field, with a local musician, Ana Aguiar, who has many years of experience playing and entertaining throughout Brevard County and more!

Last Friday, 3 WAYS employees went out to support the duo with their first gig together, where Ana, the mentor, not only donated an generous amount of equipment for her mentee, but also let her play her original music at her gig! Our member played her heart out, pushing through the storm that was swirling around the venue. We are so happy to see both of them together and can't wait to attend more shows!

Over the past three years, WAYS mentors have helped their mentees reach educational goals by showing them how to study for tests and manage their time, earn their GEDs, apply for college, select their classes, and apply for financial aid. They've helped them increase their financial literacy by assisting them with obtaining employment, opening a bank account, and creating a budget. They've helped them find a safe affordable place to live. Some have taught mentees to drive, taken them to get their driver's license, and helped them find insurance and a car. Several have given advice on healthy living including ways to live a more peaceful life through journaling, fishing, art, music, prayer and meditation. Most importantly, mentors have become a critically needed supportive adult in their mentee's life.

If you are interested in Mentoring one of our youth, please submit a Volunteer Application, followed by our Mentorship Application. For more information on our Mentorship Program, check out our Mentorship Application Checklist below.

WAYS Mentor Application Checklist CP
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