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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is WAYS for Life?

WAYS for Life™, formerly known as Ready for Life Brevard, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and drop-in center for youth ages 15-25 in Brevard County, Florida. We provide Wraparound Youth Services (WAYS) to help teens and young adults avoid homelessness and crime. We assist youth in removing barriers to their success by utilizing lifeline support networks.

What does WAYS stand for?

WAYS stands for Wraparound Youth Services.

Where is WAYS for Life located?

WAYS for Life is located at 1401 Guava Ave., 2nd Floor, Melbourne, FL 32935.

Is WAYS for Life associated with Ready for Life Brevard?

WAYS for Life™ is formerly known as Ready for Life Brevard.

What does WAYS for Life offer?

WAYS for Life helps youth find resources and creative solutions to issues such as housing, legal, employment, education, transportation, health care, wellness, and counseling.

What is GED FastTrack Program?

The GED FastTrack Program aims to help people who don't have a GED get the proper education and training to become productive members of society.

How to apply for GED FastTrack Program?

You can check out this page to learn more about the GED FastTrack program.

What is LiftUp Young Lives?

LiftUp Young Lives is a 30-weeks, 2-semester program where teachers and mentors provide WAYS members with an educational experience through four key life skill areas, which we call Pillars of Success.

How to apply for LiftUp Young Lives program?

You can check out this page to learn more about our LiftUp Young Lives program.

How to become a Donor for WAYS for Life?

We graciously accept donations either in-kind or in-cash. You may check out all the ways to donate on this page.

How to become a part of WAYS for Life team?

We always appreciate an extra hand! Let us know what you would like to do by filling out this form.

How to reach WAYS for Life?

You may reach us at or 321.204.4577. You may also contact us directly on this site.

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