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Congratulations to our Class of 2024 Graduates!

Updated: Jun 11

In a celebration of our GED FastTrack program's success at WAYS for Life, we proudly share the achievements of our first Class of 2024. Our journey together has been filled with dedication, hard work, and commitment from each of our seven graduates. Here are some of the remarkable statistics from this class:


- The Education Lab Director and the Education Youth Specialist together provided 440 hours of instruction during the two GED FastTrack sessions held in January and March.

- Students completed 117 practice tests at a cost of $817.83.

- Students took 28 official tests at a cost of $1,064.

- WAYS provided the students with 640 meals at a cost of $5,120.


These numbers reflect WAYS' time and financial investment in the students' futures and the dedication and perseverance demonstrated by each graduate throughout their journey. If you are interested in providing a meal to our GED students, please click the button below to view our meal schedule for the next class!

WAYS' Education Lab volunteers have dedicated about 42 hours per month since January to tutoring and mentoring our students, which has been an integral part of the student's success. Our volunteers' commitment ensured our students received academic support, vital encouragement, and motivation. As we honor our first Class of 2024, we are proud of their hard work and continuous effort in overcoming their hurdles. Earning their GED is just the beginning. We continue to work with each member on their career pathways journey as they are part of the WAYS family and will always hold a cherished place within our community.

Please enjoy the inspiring stories about our graduates, showcasing their incredible journeys and achievements.


Our first GED FastTrack graduate came along for the ride with his sister to WAYS for Life and had no intention of participating in GED FastTrack program. Fortunately, he changed his mind and arrived one day determined to obtain his high school diploma. Because he was under 18, he had to meet certain requirements to obtain a waiver from Brevard Public Schools Adult Education to sit for the GED tests. One of the requirements was to complete 50 hours of the online Essential Education program. He also had to pass the GED Ready practice tests with a score of 150 or above in each of the four GED subjects (math, language arts, science and social studies). We are certain that his perseverance and hard work led him to successfully meet the under-18 requirements, pass his tests, and achieve his goal of earning his GED.


Our second GED FastTrack graduate had to work to support himself while participating in the program. His ability to manage both a job and the intense five-week GED FastTrack program exemplifies dedication and hard work. Unfortunately, this young man is not pictured in the group shot as he could not attend the graduation ceremony.


Our third and fourth GED FastTrack graduates joined WAYS through a former graduate. The couple showed consistent effort as they navigated the GED FastTrack program together while simultaneously holding down jobs to support themselves. Since transportation was a barrier to their success, WAYS provided them with transportation services to WAYS for class and tutoring sessions. They arrived at WAYS holding hands and together they studied, overcame obstacles, and earned their GEDS. 



Our fifth GED FastTrack graduate is 18 years old and recently aged out of foster care without a place to live. With counseling and housing assistance, she secured a place to live and enrolled in our GED FastTrack program. In record time, she earned her GED. Like many of our members, she experienced challenges, but like many of our members she overcame them. She was fortunate to have a supportive adult who introduced her to WAYS, and together, we stood by her side while she worked towards her GED goal. Earning her GED is only the beginning of her career plan. She continues to work closely with our Career Pathways program to explore various career opportunities. Because she has shown an interest in acquiring an EMT certificate, WAYS arranged for her to participate in a ride-along. The opportunities for this smart, beautiful, young woman are endless. We are convinced that her special gifts and talents will lead her to great success in life. 


Our sixth GED FastTrack graduate is a single working mother of three children who overcame many obstacles to earn her GED. She started the GED FastTrack program three years ago and quickly passed all but one of the four subject tests (math). She always came prepared and ready to learn. She worked well with her tutors. However, life got in the way, which caused her to take multiple breaks from the program. Her perseverance and determination always brought her back to WAYS, and in May, she passed the GED math test and earned her GED and a spot in the graduation ceremony. 



Our seventh GED FastTrack program graduate is under 18 years old. After completing the GED FastTrack program, he scored over 145 in all four subjects of GED Ready practice tests. His success allowed him to enroll in Brevard Public Schools Adult Education and get an immediate waiver to go straight to the GED tests. He passed all four subject tests on his first try and earned his GED! He will always be remembered as our first student to gain an age waiver in record time due to achieving a spectacular score of over 145 in all four subject GED Ready practice tests. Not only could he take his GED exam right away, but he mastered all four subject tests in record time. We continue to work with this young man in our Career Pathways program as he plans to pursue higher education at Eastern Florida State College. We are also helping him get his driver's license.


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