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Updated: Oct 2, 2023

WAYS for Life welcomes two new Foster Youth to Independence Housing Choice Voucher recipients who secured permanent housing in September through the WAYS' Housing Services Program!

The first family, a young couple, both age 19, came to WAYS with a two-month-old baby girl with nowhere to go.

WAYS put them into its emergency shelter apartment provided by Community of Hope and the Housing Authority of Brevard County. Within walking distance of the apartment, J.B. secured an excellent job at 7-11. While J.B. works, I.L. watches their sweet baby girl. They worked hard and saved money while living in the emergency shelter apartment so they would have enough money for a security deposit and utility deposits for the permanent apartment Community of Hope arranged for them. They are excited to be in their own home which is walking distance from WAYS. They overcame many obstacles to get there, and we are so happy to support this extraordinary young family.

The second family we welcomed home in September was F.J. (age 19) and N.G. (age 25) and their little baby girl.

F.J. and N.G. came to WAYS a couple months earlier when F.J. was 34 weeks pregnant and had nowhere to go. Immediately WAYS found the couple an emergency shelter through their community partners Community of Hope and the Housing Authority of Brevard County.

The shelter apartment was walking distance from WAYS which allowed them to come to WAYS for multiple services including applying for the Foster Youth to Independence Housing Choice Voucher (FYI) as well as jobs for N.G. and college for F.J. After WAYS obtained the FYI voucher, WAYS searched for a landlord who would accept the FYI voucher. After the baby was born, while searching for permanent housing, the young couple decided to get married, and Alex, their WAYS Housing Care Manager, witnessed their wedding ceremony at the courthouse! Shortly after getting married, another WAYS' community partner, Wings of Grace Ministries, came through with a two-bedroom apartment walking distance from WAYS. With the help of the WAYS team, F.J. got back into college and started her classes and N.G. secured a job walking distance from their new home. Both F.J. and N.G. are graduates of the WAYS GED FastTrack program. The WAYS team is thrilled to be a part of this young family's life and looks forward to watching them blossom.



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