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Pictured: Julia Irvin, Pam Bress, Tammy McKenzie, Elena Lee, Kimberly Henne and Walt Koenig

WAYS for Life would like to thank Tammy McKenzie for generously donating her time and talent with our board of directors. She organized a retreat with our board of directors to guide and build out a strategic plan for sustainability.

Tammy enjoys working with community-minded organizations and specializes in marketing and communications, brand development, strategic leadership, and non-profit management. She helps brands develop philosophies, systems and teams to deliver beautiful and relevant communications. She is a utility player that designs, directs, counsels and coaches to move projects and ideas forward. She is currently looking for a pa

id position, if you or anyone you know is looking to fill a position like this, please let us know, or reach out to her directly at

Additionally, we'd like to thank the volunteers from Church for the Beach for sponsoring and setting up an office lunch for our volunteers, GED students and staff! We are blessed to have their monthly support!

Pictured: Volunteers Susan W., her daughter, and WAYS FIT Summer Intern, Molly

Our summer intern joined volunteers to pick up donations from Daily Bread, who graciously shared their food donated by the Post Office Food Drive. WAYS members are thankful for our fully stocked pantry!



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