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Updated: Oct 2, 2023

๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ™Œ A huge shoutout to our incredible community member who generously donated gift cards for our students! These gift cards will serve as a motivating reward when they pass a practice test on their journey towards achieving their GED. We are immensely grateful for your support in empowering our students and helping them reach their educational goals. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ“

The WAYS for Life GED FastTrack Program is thrilled to welcome the Education Youth Specialist, Kiley Cooke to our team.

As a youth specialist in the GED program, Kiley not only focus' on academic support but also incorporates mental health components to help our students overcome any barriers they may be facing.

Fun Fact about Kiley: On her days off, you'll definitely catch her at a nearby bakery or soaking up the sun at the beach. It's her go-to way to relax and indulge in some delicious treats. Welcome Kiley!

Denise and a student working on an Essay

Our last GED Fast Track of the year started on 9/6/23. Graduation will take place October 26th. As of September 30th, we will have 5 graduates and may have more by the time of graduation.

WAYS for Life is in search of some AWESOME people to help our students achieve their GED. If you feel passionate toward education and have a heart for helping others, then we need someone like you! Denise and others have been absolute rockstars as tutors in our GED program. We would be incredibly grateful for any additional support.

Let's help our students reach their full potential. If you are interested in joining our education team, please fill out the volunteer application below. If you have any questions regarding the program, please reach out to Kiley Cooke at



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