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Empowering Journey: Single Mom's Unwavering Commitment to GED

WAYS is so excited for our newest graduate! S.M. drove to WAYS for Life from Titusville two days per week for several weeks to complete the GED FastTrack program. She reached her goal of earning her GED just days before the delivery of her second child. Immediately after earning her GED, she enrolled in a Certified Nursing Assistant program with the ultimate goal of becoming a nurse!

The next GED FastTrack program starts September 6th. This will be the last five-week session of the year. We will continue to help the students from our prior classes who are still working on earning their GEDs. We do not give up on our members. If they want to keep working, we will keep working alongside them.

GED FastTrack is a therapeutic trauma informed program which provides WAYS members who do not have a high school diploma the opportunity to earn a GED (General Equivalency Diploma). The GED opens doors to higher paying jobs and post-secondary education.

Members enrolled in the GED FastTrack program receive one-on-one tutoring, mentorship, mental health counseling, and career coaching, in addition to group lessons. These added services help the members with motivation and skill acquisition which better prepares them for GED testing, the work force, and higher education. The GED FastTrack is life-changing for them.

Providing lunch is an additional service offered in the WAYS GED FastTrack program. Through Take Them a Meal, an online program, community members can sponsor a meal during our GED FastTrack program. The session beginning September 6th will provide lunch 4 times per week and will run for 5 weeks for approximately 8 students. Students attend Monday - Thursday from 9am - 3pm with an hour lunch break where we provide each student with a free lunch.

If you are interested in donating a meal, please check out the sign-up link below or share this link with friends and family and on social media.

Thank you for your continued support!



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