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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Thank you to Susan & Dan Frey with the Indialantic Rotary Club, for building the desks and helping to set up the computers.

Career Pathways would like to announce the launch of our Discovery Center where our members can work with WAYS coaches, volunteers, and staff exploring employment and education opportunities.


Are you or someone in your organization a natural mentor and looking for a way to be directly impactful in our community? We are looking for volunteers to be WAYS Coaches who will pair up with members to guide and help them develop real workplace soft skills such as:

  • Helping members set goals while guiding and encouraging them along their employment path.

  • Helping members through a workbook of activities to identify which workplace soft skills they have and which they need to work on for their path. Teach them the soft skills they need to be successful in the workplace.

  • Perform in person and virtual check ins with members and their employers on a regular basis to ensure continued success in the workplace.


Do you have any staffing shortages, especially in entry level positions at your business, or maybe need to take some very simple tasks off your employees' to-do list? We are looking for employers who are willing to work with and train our youth to be great employees and an asset to your team and industry.

  • Full time, part time, and very limited part time positions are needed.

  • Our members have some challenges in their personal lives, but our programs provide the support they need in other areas of their lives as they move into adulthood and supported independence so they can be productive employees.

  • Volunteer coaches work with our members in areas that are most challenging to you and check in regularly to work on their soft and hard skills as needed.

For more information on becoming a volunteer coach or a partner employer, please contact Katie Stewart, Career Pathways & Secondary Education Director at 321-258-8110 or and submit a Volunteer Application below.



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