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Pictured Above: LiftUp Program Students Celebrating the Completion of their First Semester

Pictured Above: Students Receiving their Laptops.

Our LiftUp Life Skills Program ended the first semester with MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. This class is about creating goals based on everything you want to achieve in life. Students then learned how to create a vision board and had a lot of fun making their own. Class ended with a celebration and students were gifted their laptops, one of the essential tools our students earn through LiftUp.

Our next semester begins mid-August. If you would like to sponsor a LiftUp Program Dinner for our 10-12 students, check out the link below!

Another way to support this program is by sharing our golf tournament flyer with your friends, family, co-workers and all the people you know. If you don't golf, you can still participate by purchasing golf ball drop tickets. For more details about our event, click the link below!

All of us at WAYS have the opportunity to join our SELL THE MOST BALL DROP TICKETS CHALLENGE. Whoever sells the most tickets wins a $100 gift card to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. If you would like to join the challenge, please email and she will get you tickets or you can pick up tickets from Pam or Katie at the WAYS for Life drop in center.

We greatly appreciate your help and support in MAKING A DIFFERENCE at WAYS for Life and our LiftUp Life Skills program.


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