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Introducing our Newest Board Member- Altara Warren

We are pleased to announce the newest member of our Board of Directors, Altara Warren. We look forward to the innovative ideas and fresh perspectives she will bring to our organization. In her own words, Altara shared her enthusiasm about joining the board:

"When the opportunity to join the WAYS for Life Board of Directors was presented to me, I was beyond honored and eager to accept. I know the work that this organization does for its members and the young adults in our community, and I have a strong desire to be involved in that work. As a member of this board, I feel I am in the best place I can be to support and serve a population of our youth that has been near and dear to my heart from the time I first stepped foot in Brevard County a decade ago, which is the timeframe I first began advocating for youth in the dependency care system. My previous background in child welfare has helped prepare me for this very role with WAYS.


       One of my top objectives as a board member is to help broaden WAYS’ connections and partnerships. We all know how impactful we can be when we band together for a common cause. Expanding WAYS’ network and community relationships will be a huge benefit to our organization as the expansion has the potential to present more services, funding, supporters, and opportunities not currently known to us. WAYS would also be a supporter of our community partners in their organizational endeavors as well. 


       WAYS for Life understands the vulnerability of our young people once they leave dependency care and how they are expected to navigate through the real world on their own. Therefore, we as board and staff members of WAYS, make it our business to provide the tools, guidance, and support these young people need to not just survive on their own, but to actually thrive on their own. The mission of this organization is literally life-changing. This is the reason why I am here."



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