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As the sun set on the heart of downtown Eau Gallie, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation for the Ways for Life Fall Music Festival on November 17th. It was more than just a music festival—it was a tapestry of community, art, and rhythm that unfolded in three acts, each more vibrant than the last.

The festival transformed the parking lot at 1401 Guava Avenue into a buzzing hub of activity. Attendees, from our cherished members, children and even furry friends, reveled in the live music, delicious food, and immersive experiences that defined the evening. The musical journey began with the dynamic duo, Violent Chimes. Destiny Sewell, one of our very own members, followed setting the stage for the bluegrass sounds of Red Poinciana. As the night unfolded, the arts and crafts tent by Chaotic Neutral Collective and the thrifty treasures at the Space Swap Tent added an extra layer of creativity and sustainability to the festival experience.

Shoutout to Our Vibrant Vendors

Amidst the festival buzz, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our incredible partners who made this event possible.

Groove Shack provided the instruments for attendees to try out new instruments and get creative with!

Space Swap's dedication to sustainable fashion and art added a unique and eco-conscious touch to the festival. The Space Swap Tent was a treasure trove of thrifty finds that enriched the community.

Chaotic Neutral Art Collective not only brought the artsy vibes but also ran sound and production for the entire event. Their commitment to providing a safe space for artists to grow together is truly commendable and appreciated by our members!

Harbor City Local helped to keep the music scene live in Downtown Eau Gallie and added an extra layer of community spirit to the event.

Pita Pyramid's delicious and culturally interesting fresh food elevated the culinary experience at the festival.

Shoutout to Our Captivating Bands

The heart of the festival beat to the rhythm of the incredible bands that graced the stage.

Violent Chimes dynamic energy brought to the stage, resonated with everyone present.

Destiny Sewell's performance brought a touch of magic to the festival, showcasing the talent that resides within our community.

Red Poinciana's bluegrass tunes added a unique tune to the night, creating an atmosphere that blended the WAYS community together.

As the echoes of the Ways for Life Fall Music Festival fade away, we extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us in creating memories that will linger in our hearts. Until the next celebration, let's continue to foster the sense of community, creativity, and connection that made this festival truly special. 🎸🎨🍂



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