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WAYS for Life is proud to be partnered with Every Mother's Advocate in order to better support our members' needs and impact future generations.





We envision a world where mothers are no longer separated from their children due to preventable causes but are equipped and empowered to raise their children in stable and nurturing homes.


Preventing family separation by advocating for mothers in crisis.


We prevent mothers and children from being separated by educating and equipping communities on how to advocate for mothers in crisis. We believe in eradicating the preventable causes of family separation.


We pair moms at risk of losing their children into foster care with an ĒMA Advocate who builds a meaningful relationship and provides holistic support, ensuring every mother has equal opportunity to achieve stability and keep their family together. If you wish to become an EMA Advocate, please click the lick below to submit your interest.

Referrals for ELC are available with program engagement.
For more information contact Liz McGinley, EMA Coordinator at

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