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Embracing Renewal: A Fresh Start in Life's Journey

BH (on right) Receiving a Bike, Donated by Kimberly Henne (on left)

BH, a 21-year-old individual currently residing in a shelter while awaiting his housing voucher, reached out to WAYS in September seeking support in multiple aspects of his life. His goals included finding stable housing, securing suitable employment aligned with his skills, preparing for his GED, and acquiring essential independent living skills, as he had experienced an extended period of homelessness or near-homelessness.

In addition to these objectives, BH has been actively engaged with our legal advice and advocacy services, as well as various other offerings through WAYS. These include assistance in scheduling and coordinating doctor and dentist appointments. Despite his initial shyness, BH has made remarkable progress in building confidence in his capabilities, thanks to the guidance of WAYS Coach, Kimberly Henne.

Under Kimberly's mentorship, BH has gained valuable insights into job searching by using platforms like Indeed and Brevard Career Source. He has practiced interview techniques, completed online training modules with Metrix and LifeSkills Reimagined, and submitted applications to multiple job opportunities. The fruits of his efforts are evident through four interviews, each resulting in more positive outcomes. BH's dedication and tenacity have been truly commendable.

Furthermore, WAYS Care Management is providing vital assistance to BH in navigating the processes of obtaining Medicaid and Disability Benefits, enhancing his overall well-being. Even if immediate employment remains pending, BH acknowledges the value of each interview as excellent practice and remains committed to learning through resources such as the Discovery Center. Additionally, he plans to enroll in the next GED FastTrack class in January 2024, furthering his educational pursuits.

In recognition of his hard work and persistence, BH was awarded a donated bike, which will facilitate his transportation to various appointments and activities. His journey toward independence and self-sufficiency is truly inspiring.


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