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Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Last month, CLAWS (Compassionate Learning Among Wildlife and Shelter Animals) presented a class to WAYS members interested in living with or potentially having a career working with animals. This month, we jump-started this exotic experience by going to the Brevard Zoo, where members met a variety of professionals working at the zoo, learned the variety of possible career opportunities, and was exposed to some of the training techniques used at the zoo.

The CLAWS Youth Program is designed to teach youth the career opportunities related to animals, the basics of the science of behavior, and provide hands-on training experience with shelter dogs so that they can get adopted and STAY adopted. Through this program, CLAWS wants to connect youth who want t o learn more about animals and shelter dogs who need training to make a meaningful impact to the community!

Starting at the end of October, the CLAWS Program will be launching their 8 week course at WAYS for Life. During this course, our members will get the opportunity to learn how to train dogs in the shelter and what job opportunities are available in the community once they complete the training program. We are excited to see members learn new skills, shelter dogs get adopted, and create new job opportunities for our members!

Thank you to the Brevard Zoo and CLAWS nonprofit for making this activity possible and showing our members a "behind the scenes" view of zoo keeping.

If you are interested in sponsoring a WAYS Activity, or would like to collaborate, please click the link below and contact our program coordinator at

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